CQC Report

The industry regulator, the Care Quality Commission, tries to answer 5 questions when assessing services. See below excepts from the CQC report following their most recent inspection of Maplehurst Nursing Home. This is based upon their observations and the comments of those with whom they spoke:

Is the service safe?

“There was strong emphasis on continual improvement and best practice which benefited people and staff. There were robust systems to assure quality and identify any potential improvements to the service”

“Oh I am absolutely safe here, I’ve no worries about speaking up about anything”

“It’s a huge relief to know my relative is safe and well cared for”

Is the service caring?

“I have been in lots of homes when my husband used to visit them for me and I was really worried about coming here and thought I would be walking out but this is marvellous, really wonderful. The other homes didn’t treat people as equals but they do here. I love its homeliness and it’s like a second home, not what I expected at all, you’re an individual”

“My brother came in to see our relative recently and said ‘I’ve noticed it’s full of love’ which I thought was quite something for him to say. That’s the sort of place it is, they try to keep everybody happy”

“The kindness, patience and care shown to my relative is wonderful”

Is the service effective?

“The service was very effective. Staff had the specialist knowledge and skills required to meet people’s needs. There was an innovative approach to ensure that staff put their learning into practice to deliver care that meets people’s individual needs”

“I think the staff are very competent and well trained and cope with everything they have to deal with very well”

“People were supported to maintain good health and had ongoing healthcare support. One person who was not mobile on admission, had an exercise chart so staff could record when input and exercise from Physiotherapists were undertaken”

Is the service responsive?

“They are indeed well trained and good at their job. They really go the extra mile”

“I love it here and I have been in at all times of the day and night. It’s one of the best homes I’ve ever known. It is so well run and there’s a culture of anyone doing anything for you”

“The home is open to change, new ideas and best practice. The provider and registered manager have developed their own life story paperwork for people”

Is the service well-led?

“The service had outstanding leadership and direction from the registered manager and provider”

“A healthcare professional told us, “I am aware that there is good direct communication within the home which I believe is partly due to the provider being a very hands on owner, knowing all of his residents and engaging with them and understanding his staff’s strengths. He will frequently talk about his staff’s positive qualities and is skilled at recognising their particular talents. The registered manager has a very similar approach and there is a very good relationship between the both of them”

“The provider and registered manager showed passion and drive in their approach to improving the service”

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